About Me

Redefining Me

Writing an "About Me" page is a rather interesting task.  I'm young and passionate.  I'm cautious and self-conscious.  I'm overly-sensitive and enthusiastic.  I could tell you a hundred little things about me and two dozen big, important things about me.  But I suppose the point of an "About Me" page is to clarify what defines and identifies "Me."  

By definition, I am a hopeless wretch.  I cannot help but make mistakes, do meaningless things, and still try to promote myself as though I am something special.  Life used to be a daily struggle for purpose and meaning that escaped my grasp and made me all the more frustrated and terrified that perhaps I had no purpose, meaning, or significance.  Nothing changed until the significance I tried to create around myself crashed to the ground and I was exposed for the wretch that I truly am.

After that devastation, I finally realized just how much I need Jesus.  Not just as a ticket to heaven, not just as a way to live a good life and not make big mistakes.  I need Jesus to breathe, to move, to be.  Now, I am a servant of my Lord, Jesus Christ, and a child and heir of God my Father.  I am loved--treasured, really--and protected, forgiven for all the wrong choices I've made, and I am gradually being conformed to be like my pure, perfect Lord.  While my wretchedness still tries to define me, this new identity is taking control so that in the end I will be defined as pure, beautiful, and full of purpose.

This blog is a testament to the steady process of redefining me.